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Let's Make The Apple Bird!

For the best results choose an apple that is well rounded, without blemishes or bruises. A sharp serrated steak knife is recommended for cutting.

Step 1:

Cut off 1/3 from the side of an apple to provide a flat base. This section will be used later to make the head and neck. Place the apple before you cut side down with the stem facing you. Use a light sawing motion to make a small wedge cut at the top. Continue making wedge shaped cuts each a bit larger than the next.

Step 2:

Repeat this on both sides, forming three sets of feathers. If a piece breaks, do not worry, the sections will fit together and the break will not be noticable. Starting with with the largest cut overlap consecutive smaller cuts. The natural juices of the apple hold the feathers together.

Step 3:

To form the head and neck cut a 1/4 inch slice from the center of the section, set aside in the first step. Cut a V at the front. Leave some fruit at the front and then cut the fruit away for the neck following the contour of the skin. Cloves or appleseeds may be used for eyes.

Step 4

Insert a toothpick into the body on an angle and attach the head and neck. Prevent darkening by squeezing lemon juice over the entire surface of the apple bird. To present the apple bird, use a potato for a base, cover it with greens and insert two toothpicks into the top. Attach the bird in a dive bomb position and display.
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