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Cook Books

Hans Bertram
#3438 Pb.
This cookbook successfully
imitates the restaurant's high style;
the recipes and their presentation
are worthy of four stars.
His recipes are elegant and
unusual, and will please seasoned
chef's looking to diversify their
company menus.
80 Deliciously Different
One-Dish Meals
Robin Robertson
#3435 Pb.
60 pages, 80 recipes
"Although vegetarian chili sounds like a contradiction in terms, Robin Robertson has done an excellent job of substitutes, seitan, tempeh, tofu, and textured soy protein for the meat. The results is a highly creative cookbook that doesn't skimp on spicy flavors and will please chili-lovers who prefer to eat vegetarian. Robertson also has good instincts about the varieties of chilies used to heat up the chilies." Dave DeWitt, Editor, Chile Pepper Magazine
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