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Watermellon Dragon CarvingMelons have been carved and sculpted to create spectacular garnishes for parties and celebrations for hundreds of years.

Watermelons go back to prehistoric times, in the 1850's, the famed missionary explorer, David Livingston established that Africa was the place of the watermelon's origin. He found great tracts of watermelon growing wild in the Kalahari Desert and the semi-tropical regions of Africa.

Chef Harvey has been carving and sculpting melons and shares the following melon garnishing books and tools. View all our garnishing tools, books and dvd by clicking here. Below you will find standard melon garnishing tools.

Melon Garnishing Tools

Melon Garnishing Book

This hard cover book by Harry Rosen provides detailed instructions on how to create garnishes from melons. It also has a guide to picking the right melon for the garnish job.

Price: $25.00 s

Melon Carving & Sculpting Tools

8 Piece Melon Scoops

Price: $40.00


click to buy 4 carving tools with corrugated edges and 8 different sizes
Corrugated Carving Tools
with 8 Carving Edges

Price: $15.00


6 pcs. Vegetable & Fruit
Decorating Set

Comes in a zippered vinyl case.

Price: $30.00


click to buy Fruit-K-Bob and Canapes
Fruit-K-Bob & Canapes
Garnish Book

30 ten inch bamboo skewers included!

Price: $20.00


Samples of Melon Garnishes

melon flower garnish
Watermelon Rind Garnish
melon flower garnishing

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